EUCYS 2024


Discover the European Union Contest for Young Scientists!

The EUCYS 2022 winners

During EUCYS 2022 | Photo by EUCYS 2022

EUCYS, or European Union Contest for Young Scientists, is a chief European challenge, organised by the European Commission since 1989. Each year, a different city is announced as a host of the competition. 

The 35th edition of the Contest will take place in Katowice, from 9 to 14 September 2024. This prestigious event is open to the general public free of charge. 

Around 150 brilliant young scientists, aged between 14 to 20 years old, representing nearly 40 countries, will gather in Katowice for 6 days to present around 90 scientific projects in the field of natural, mathematical, technical, economic, or social sciences.

It all started with a fair organised since 1968 by a Dutch company Royal Philips, which in 1989, by the President’s decision, was taken over by the European Commission. 

The first contest took place in Brussels. Since then, every edition has been held in a different European city, giving the young scientists an opportunity to present their ideas to a wide audience.

An entry, recommended by a research worker with at least a PhD degree, or awarded in a national contest is submitted for review, and afterwards, to the jury, which consists of prominent researchers. 

Selected entries will be then presented by their authors to the jury and audience during the poster session. The best ones will be qualified for the final of EUCYS 2024 taking place in autumn.