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Get ready for a 6-day celebration of inspirational & educational experience across all disciplines

The winners of EUCYS 2023 contest

EUCYS 2022 Winners | Photo by EUCYS 2022



Est. 1989

The European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS), is a chief European challenge organised by the European Commission since 1989.

Each year, a different city is announced as a host of the competition. This year, Katowice was granted this honourable title.

Funded by the European Union
ECSK 2024

Welcome to the European City of Science Katowice 2024

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EUCYS 2024 is one of the most influential events that will take place in 2024 in Katowice, the European City of Science.

This honourable title is granted biannually by the EuroScience association in cooperation with the European Commission.

The Katopolis – an opening event of the European City of Science Katowice 2024
Audience during Catopolis

The opening ceremony of the European City of Science Katowice 2024 | Photos by Radosław Kaźmierczak

Come to Poland

Let's meet in Katowice

In September, young scientists from all over Europe will meet at the international finals in Katowice and battle for the main prize.

The city is located in the south of Poland, in Silesia Upland, which makes it a place at the crossroads of different cultures.

This modern city stands out with a well-developed economy and culture. The hallmark of Katowice is relatively new, mainly 20th-century architecture, including many high-rise buildings.

Get a bird’s eye view of the city.



The finals will be held in the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra seat. A stellar modern building is one of the architectural pearls scattered around the Culture Zone in Katowice, ready to host you within its spacious interior.

Inside the NOSPR building
The NOSPR building

NOSPR | Photos by Radosław Kaźmierczak and Bartek Barczyk

Three young people with a EUCYS2023 sign

EUCYS 2023 Participants | Photo by EUCYS 2022

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Fascinating presentations & diverse exhibitions

During this year’s edition, you can expect not only fascinating presentations and lectures but also diverse exhibitions and events, which will help the contestants get to know one another and Katowice better.


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